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Der Schluchtensteig
Wandern auf 119 km durch den Naturpark Südschwarzwald
Alles für Ihre Wanderplanung für den Schluchtensteig.
Zimmer, Ferienwohnungen und Pauschalangebote am Steig

challenging • deep • great views

Schluchtensteig - Sintervorhang an der DietfurtSuspended paths along rocky gorges and gurgling brooks; resting places with spectacular views down; mossy trees and drops of water sparkling in the sun. The Wutach Cliffs, Wutach Gorge, Schleifenbach Falls, Haslach Gorge, Windberg Waterfall, Hohwehra Gorge and the Wehra Gorge are goals for all those who are drawn to water; who like to climb wild gorges; marvel at thundering waterfalls; enjoy the natural silence; and want to detach themselves from day-to-day life for a week. In the meantime there are always great viewpoints with wide panoramas over the maze of valleys and gorges of the southern Black Forest through to the distant Alpine range. Cows stand on barren high plateaus; somewhere, something is chirping on the roadside in flower meadows; and cozy inns in ancient Black Forest houses await hungry gorge-hikers.


Höhenprofildistance: 119 km
days: 5 - 6 Stages
uphill: 3.180 hm
downhill: 3.290 hm

classical tour - 6 stages

Hiking shoestage 1: Stühlingen – Blumberg (19 km, 5,5 h)
stage 2: Blumberg – Schattenmühle (20 km, 6 h)
stage 3: Schattenmühle – Fischbach (18 km, 6 h)
stage 4: Schluchsee-Fischbach – St. Blasien (20 km, 5,5 h)
stage 5: St. Blasien – Todtmoos (20 km, 6 h)
stage 6: Todtmoos – Wehr (22 km, 7,5 h)

athletic tour - 5 stages

label of Schluchtensteigstage 1: Stühlingen – Wutachmühle (26 km, 7 h)
stage 2: Wutachmühle – Lenzkirch (26 km, 7,5 h)
stage 3: Lenzkirch – St. Blasien (25 km, 7,5 h)
stage 4: St. Blasien – Todtmoos (20 km, 5,5 h)
stage 5: Todtmoos – Wehr (22 km, 6,5 h)

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